How to choose a right size Japanese samurai sword

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How to choose a DCSWORD, you may know easy to swing, the length and weight of the blade should be suitable. However, it should be noted that there are differences between men, women, children and body types, which will have different effects on the above points. The angle of arm extension for beginners and masters is not the same, so choosing the right tool is very important.

1. Length and weight:
Regarding the length, it is generally considered that as long as the action of drawing and closing the katana is natural. The right wrist should be straightened at the maximum angle, plus chest straightening, left hand hold scabbard, waist twist and other body movements. Using technology to transform the length of a sword into a length that is easy to swing, It’s not necessary to choose the sword completely by your height.
Overweight sword will not only slow down the movement, but also lead to movement deformation. Too light sword can only be exercised to the wrist at most, can not exercise the sword skills that can use the strength of all parts of the body.
As age increases, physical strength also decreases. Choosing a lighter and shorter sword at this time also helps reduce the chance of injury.

2, the length and thickness of the handle(Tsuka):
The curvature and thickness of the handle(Tsuka), the method of winding the handle, etc. have different uses in different schools or appreciations. In addition, many people are care about the length of the handle. When the long handle is chopped from top to bottom, it will make the palm of your hand unable to grasp and feel like you have some extra things in your hand. The long and large katana handle looks majestic, but in fact not only get in the way but also hooks the cuff. When holding the katana handle. If the handle is too short, due to the length of the katana body, unable to give full play to its power.

3.Steel Quality

Just because two swords are made of "steel" doesn't necessarily mean they are of equal quality. Some swords are made of higher quality steel than others, offering increased protection from wear and tear.


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