Carbon Steel

We say carbon steel, it always refers 10- series (1095, 1084, 1070, 1060, 1050, etc.) The most remarkable features of these steel is their toughness. In the cutlery industry, 1095 carbon steel is most widely used. In 10- series steel, the carbon content is from high to low sorting from 1095 to 1050. At the same time, the polished tolerance is also from high to low. But the toughness is from low to high. In sword-making industry, if used as blades, 1050 is barely available, 1060 good, 1084 better, and 1095 is excellent. As a kind of very “standard” carbon steel, 1095 carbon steel has a very good condition. It is not expensive. And it has appropriate toughness and polishing tolerance.