SHIJIAN Swords Purchase Notes

 1、Customers should have good psychological diathesis and buy the swords for the purpose of appreciating, collecting and fair use of traditional skill. Our company is not responsible for any bad consequence caused by customers' inappropriate operation.

2、Please know before purchase that different swords have different making way. The forging craft, quality and price/performance ratio are also different.

3、Please confirm your requirement at first. Folded steel swords sometimes have a little forging marks. That is to say, it is normal that the blade has a little forging lines or marks, because it won't affect the quality and elegant appearance. From time immemorial,even though Japanese national treasure level blade smith cannot make the swords without any defect. We cannot do also. 

4、We make the swords on the basic of the culture of traditional swords, spread the ancestral sword making way. The swords are famous for firm and flexible.The blade is batter bend than snap. However, the swords are not mythical weapon. Every sword has its own physical property and we cannot make any change to it. Our country don't have the mythical sword which won't never bend and never be damaged after hard cutting. What we can do is to let every sword has appropriate property.

5、Please check your sword carefully after it arrives. Please contact us within 3 days after your receive the sword if there is quality problem. (We are not responsible if you don't receive package as required which cause the package damaged by the delivery or it is missing.)

6、We are not responsible for the sword if you use the sword inappropriately and refit the sword, cut hard items unrestrictedly. And we also not responsible for the blade rust, break and bending caused by artificial damage. However, we can mend it for free if it doesn't need change the material. We can also mend natural wear and tear for free.

7、Our swords are artwork, but it is sharp and have lethality. We sell the swords for the purpose of learning martial arts, appreciating, collecting or cutting practise. Please don't do anything illicit by using the swords. Please be careful when using the swords to avoid of hurt yourself and others.